So you have unreasonable expectations
of your designer.

He should not only be able to create visually stunning UI but also really care about how it works. That means a deep understanding of user experience design. Heck, why not even a master’s degree in psychology.

He should be experienced. In design, UX and also as a creative in digital ad agencies. And not just any agencies - you want those award-winning suckers that steal all the biggest clients. Perhaps even someone like Adidas, AXA, Danone, O2, Nokia or Vodafone.

But what good is any of this, if the designer doesn’t understand code and the whole technology under the hood? He should be able to speak the developers’ language and work closely with them.  

Well, let me introduce myself.

Roman PortraitRoman Portrait

My name is Roman Pittner and I’m a digital art director based in Prague.
I’m always looking for new challenges.

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