A New Kind of Travel

An app that lets you find tours with local guides and other experiences in Prague.


Mixed listing view with category filter

Default view of the app provides large images and color-coded pricetags.

Green tags show instantly bookable activities.

Map view with activity preview 

After tapping a pin on the map, activity preview is opened in modal window.

Previews are wrapped in a slider so they are browsable. Tap on a preview slide reveals full activity detail.

Activity detail with booking call to action

The view focuses attention to the exact location of user and the chosen activity.

Call to action is fixed at the bottom of the screen so it's always accessible and prominent.

After finishing an activity, we ask for your opinion

We use dichotomous rating system based on simple recommendations.

After selecitng one of the options, we provide an optional text input for detailed comments.


This app is still work in progress, so I can’t share more. Go see my other projects or contact me