Cabin Control App Concept

The app controls cabin ambience and entertainment system in Gulfstream jets.



Redesign the current version of the app which is outdated both in terms of usability and visual design.



I created a new shallow app structure by grouping related functions. I modernized interaction patterns and UI.


First, the app welcomes user on board. The whole experience starts with seat selection.

This step provides context. Every function of the app (lighting, temperature, music, etc.) is primarily tied to a specific seat. 

Flight screen shows basic info & notifications

This view provides the functionality of a flight monitor and overherad controls in commercial airliners.

Map view with flight time remaining. The primary action is calling a service.

Precise temperature control with just two sliders 

Temperature can be set for a single seat, seat area or the whole cabin.

Set all ligting from a single screen

Again, this view allows turning lights on or off accross the whole cabin.

Some lights allow user to set brightness. This option is accessible in a modal window.

Simple entertainment library with playback controls

Movies and music libraries are categorized and searchable.

After starting movie or music playback, the controls minimize to a floating element so they are accessible while browsing. 

Movie detail with playback controls

A movie poster and a short synopsis are available.

Besides playbacak, user can also set input source (cabin speakers or headphones) and subtitles.

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