Kozel is the best-selling Czech beer in the world.

The brand stands on values of traditional Czech village and honest craftsmanship - with a quirky spark to it. To communiacate this during Christmas of 2013 we let people choose the perfect wooden gift for their friends, which craftsman Karel made right before their eyes.

The campaign ran in 9 countries across Europe and Middle Asia.

Interactive video

The whole concept is based on a video website that guides the visitor through the process of choosing a gift. We ended up with tens of individual motion segments.


Although user flow was pretty straightforward the prototype turned out to be quite complicated because of many video clips that the site consisted of. The final version contained 40+ website screens and 7 storyboards for the photographer.

Kozel PrototypeKozel Prototype


The final design was a challenge in that Kozel brand has defined its own visual guidelines - such as colors, textures and overall feel.

Kozel WebsiteKozel Website

In total, people have created over 280 000 christmas gifts.

Kozel CarKozel Car

The car was the most popular.

We made this with the awesome crew from TRIAD Advertising.
My role was art direction, UX and UI (I made the pictures).
Thanks for stopping by. Cheers.

Kozel BeerKozel Beer