Kozel Beer Christmas Campaign

Kozel is the best-selling Czech beer in the world.


Let our customers have a fun way to send gifts to their loved ones while communicating Kozel brand values.


Kozel brand represents values of honest craftsmanship and friendliness - with a quirky spark.

We brought these aspects into digital space and decided to create a goofy online carpenter workshop that would create anything you wish for.


A video website where people can type anything they want and watch carpenter Karel make it.

Straightforward user journey

Impression of endless possibilities

Instead of a list of available gifts we used a single prominent input with autocomplete.

Defensive design within gift selection

If user didn’t choose one of the suggested items, we gently instructed them to do so.

Tens of hours of carpenter footage

Each item being made by Karel had a unique video sequence covering manufacture and final revealing. 

Fill in gift tag, send it and win a beer mug

When users sent a gift to someone, we collected their email. This was our business assignment.

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Thousands of new Facebook fans (this was in 2013) and nesletter subscriptions

People loved the campaign, it was used in 9 countries across Europe and Asia

More than 280 000 gifts were created - the car was the most popular


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