This is Slovakia

It’s a beautiful country in the middle of Europe with lots of nice and smart people who run their small businesses. 

But there is a problem.

Slovakia and EarthSlovakia and Earth

207 hours

This is the amount of time it takes every year to prepare and pay taxes in Slovakia. 207 hours per person. It takes less time in Botswana.

And not just that.

All the laws and regulations are simply confusing.


It means “reminder” in Slovak. It reminds you to pay all the taxes and fulfill other obligations you have while running a small business.

iPad and iPhoneiPad and iPhone

First, it will ask you some simple questions.

Then, based on your answers, it will create a reminder for you.

Or you can just add one yourself.

And that’s how you fix a country with design.

We are trying to make this happen with Stanley and Jaro.
My role is art direction, UX and UI.
Thanks for visiting.