Reminder App

It takes 207 hours per year to prepare your tax returns and fulfill other business-related obligations in Slovakia.



Let’s make our country’s tax system more usable with an app.



We talked to people and made a list of unpleasant obligations. Based on these interviews, we included non-business related reminders as well.


An app that asks you few questions (i.e. “Do you own a car?”) and based on your answers, it creates reminders.

Empty state of Reminders screen. Ensures smooth onboarding and teaches user the core function of the app.

Making it natural

No one likes forms, checkboxes and error states. Let’s just talk and find out what you need to be reminded of.

Chat UI.
Helps user by displaying direct options.

Keeping it simple

Generated reminders are displayed in chronological order. They can be displayed in calendar.

Reminders & Calendar screens.

It could make money

The app provides support on task completion which is a great opportunity for paid recommendations.

Reminder detail & Ad.

Visual Design

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